Jul 29

New PBL Course to Start 8/25


Some New (and Old) Ideas for Reading and Writing


Some New (and Old) Ideas for Reading and Writing


My head is spinning, the thoughts are creeping in, ideas seem to be coming from everywhere and it is reaching that critical time…How in the world am I really going to teach reading and writing to my incoming 7th graders?  Not the curriculum, that has been taken care of for me, but how am I going to work with it?  How am I going to get them excited about it?  How am I going to welcome them, get…

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Jul 28

Causes Of The American Revolution (Video)

This excellent resource was posted by Ken Halla at The U.S. History Teachers’ Blog and comes vis the History channnel.


Jul 24

Historical Thinking Skills

This comes from the College Board via a post by Ken Halla on the World History Teacher’s Blog.


27 Ways To Promote Intrinsic Motivation

This infographic first appeared on the te@chthought blog site.


They Can Text and Tweet. Can They Speak?

Here is a link to an excellent article on the te@chthought blog on the importance of teaching speaking skills.


Every Classroom Matters: Creative Approaches to Teaching Stem at the Elementary Level. -


I had an incredible conversation with Kevin Jarrett and Jeremy Ervin about Kevin’s STEM lab. He’s taken an elementary computer lab and turned in into a STEM classroom where kids from kindergarten up learn Engineering, Math, science, and Technology. It is a fantastic model and I’m so impressed with what he’s doing. Hope you’ll take a listen and share.
RT @Innov8rEduc8r: Tips and strategies a plenty - Fab podcast http://t.co/ImGDFrGOre by the always inspiring @coolcatteacher #edchat #edutweetoz #AussieEd http://t.co/ImGDFrGOre

Tips and strategies a plenty - Fab podcast http://t.co/ImGDFrGOre by…

Jul 22

Best Sources For Simple Science Experiments

From Larry Ferlazzo’s blog:


Jul 18

Digital Teaching Portfolios?

This article first appeared on the Edutopia blog site.


Ideas for Integrating a Student Blog into Your Curriculum


Ideas for Integrating a Student Blog into Your Curriculum

When I moved this blog to WordPress some posts did not survive, so in an effort to move some of my favorite posts with me, I will be republishing them here.  This one first appeared in October, 2012.

One thing I have loved about blogging and what it does for my students is how easily it has been to integrate it into our curriculum.  I knew when we started that I didn’t want an extra layer of…

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