Jul 15

"Why didn't they teach us this in school?!" -


I see this all the time on reblogs containing interesting (usually historical) info and images.

It angers me.

A) Schools have 13 years (minus about 4 months each) to give you enough of a foundation in reading, writing, math, sciences, state/US/world history, social studies,…

Jul 10

Ditch The Rules but Not the Rigor

This article first appeared on the Mind/Shift blog.


Whirlwind Tour of PBL Schools

This is an excellent review of a half dozen PBL schools in the U.S. by a UK educator.  This article first appeared on the Edutopia blog.


So How Do We Create Passionate Writers?


So How Do We Create Passionate Writers?

image from etsy

I started my reading transformation 2 years ago, realizing that I needed to create a sense of urgency and passion regarding books in my classroom.  I knew I should focus on writing, I knew I should dedicate more time to it, more energy to it, and yet… I just didn’t know where to begin.  It wasn’t that I was a bad writing teacher, after all, my students write a lot and often, but…

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Jul 09

6 Powerful Strategies for Deeper Learning

This article originally appeared on the te@chthought blog site.


Myth-Busting Differentiated Instruction: 3 Myths and 3 Truths -

(Source: revolutionizeed)

Jul 04

The Future of Learning

This article first appeared on the Edutopia blog.



Jun 19

What Is Competency-Based Learning?

This article first appeared on the TeachThought blog.


GPAs, SATs, and TMI?

This article by Robert Pondiscio first appeared at EducationNext.